Saturday, 17 August 2013

OOTD: I feel stupid and contagious.

So this look was a little bit 'well this dress is too pretty just for a shopping trip so let's grunge it up' (yes that is a thing).  I bought the dress last year to wear to the races and I don't think I've worn it since but I'm glad I found a way to style it as I absolutely love floaty chiffon dresses with loose knits and ankle boots. 

JUMPER - Primark / DRESS - Rare via Topshop (old)

NECKLACE - Topshop / EAARING - Kukee / LIPSTICK - L'Oreal 'Radiant Plum'

Oooh sepia. 

RUCKSACK - Primark

BRACELET - Miss Selfridge / WATCH - eBay

I love this recent purchase from Miss Selfridge, it's so dainty but at the same time I think the cross gives it a bit of edge.

RINGS (l-r) - eBay, Miss Selfridge, vintage, Kukee, Topshop, Kukee / NAILS -Essie 'Fiji'

SOCKS - Primark / BOOTS - Office

These boots are still one of my favourite purchases of all time, I bought them in the Christmas sales and I feel like a cowboy in them because the buckles sound like spurs (I know i'm just too cool.)

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  1. Love the whole outfit - totally something I would wear!<3

  2. Love this outfit and how it all looks together. Especially love those boots! x

    Lauren Evie

  3. I love this whole outfit. So so so so nice. :)

    Sarah x

  4. really nice "grunged" outfit :D i think the shoes are amazing :) they reminds me of a pair of shoes i'Ve seen at primark :)
    you are very pretty and i like your blog a lot thus i've started following you :)
    have a nice sunday! xx pia

  5. Really glad I came across your blog, it's really great and i love your style! :)

    Now following,


  6. Lovely photos and outfit. This whole grunging up a pretty dress thing really suits you. Love the boots too!

    Lindsey. x

  7. Your Blog is totally sweet! Love the rings!
    Following you. I hope you follow back and return the support too :D
    Red Alice

  8. nice outfit! lovely picture

    i would like to invite you to join my giveaway

    do check it out if interested :)

  9. I love the way you've styled this gorgeous, feminine dress with tougher, more edgy pieces. You look amazing xx

  10. I love your outfit! nice post I have followed your blog :)
    Shelley x

  11. You look so beautiful! Love this whole outfit! :)

    xx, Julia


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