Sunday, 11 August 2013

OOTD: singing dreadful songs about summer.

So this is the last of my Lake District holiday OOTD's and I think this might just be my favourite. I wore this outfit on our last day which was probably the sunniest day we were perfect weather to go on a 10 mile walk then right? Still those couple of cider and blacks half way along really helped me out!

T-SHIRT - H&M / DUNGAREES - Primark (similar/ JEWELLERY - Kukee / WATCH - eBay

I love the acid wash on these dungarees, I think it looks quite vintage plus they are such a great Primark find because they look more Tophop-esque (well I like to think so). Dungarees create a really laidback look so they are great for the daytime and for festivals plus bralets and crop tops look really cool underneath to create a subtle sexy look.  

HAIRBAND - Topshop / LIPS - Rimmel 'Berry Queen'

Oops it's that hairband again but how can I not when it is daisies and spikes...together! Lipstick-wise I am wearing a Rimmel favourite of mine which is the perfect blend of red, pink and purple and it really just gives an extra bit of pop to an outfit. 

RUCKSACK - Primark / TRAINERS - Adidas Campus

Same old rucksack. Same old trainers. Same old story. 
I really like my backdrop for these photographs, the stream looks really green because of the forest reflections and I just think it looks so tranquil. I know people bang on about the beauty of holidaying abroad but sometimes it's quite refreshing to take an adventure in all the prettiness Britain has to offer. 

As always I hope you're all well and if you haven't already then please don't forget to follow me on bloglovin here. The lyrics in this title post are from the song Love Is A Laserquest by Arctic Monkeys. 


  1. I love this outfit, it looks so cool and laid back!x

    Lauren Evie

  2. dude your style is soo awesome, I love the background

  3. love the dungarees! i still need to get one before summer is over.


  4. outfit is so cute,love it! and the setting looks lush too! x


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