Saturday, 7 September 2013

OOTD: you thought the wolves would be impressed.

So I feel like I haven't posted in ages but in reality it's only been since Wednesday, I think not having my laptop at hand to scroll through blog posts has made be feel a bit out of touch with the blogging community! I thought I'd do an OOTD post because I enjoy such posts and I like documenting what I've been wearing. This OOTD features a dress I won off eBay which feels way too sweet and girly on me without grunging it up a bit...

DRESS - River Island (via eBay)

As you can see the dress is a pretty off-white floaty chiffon and lace trim affair which makes me feel like a six year old going to a birthday party until I throw on some 'tough girl' leather and clunky boots but I do like the overall look once I have styled it down.



I know a lot of people overlook Matalan at times but seriously go and check out their accesssories and jewellery range; they stock so many Topshop dupes for so so much less! 

 EARRINGS - Matalan 

I really like these opulent looking earrings but they are something I wouldn't normally wear being that I am more of a mismatched studs kinda gal but I thought they added a little something-something to this outfit. 

SOCKS - Asos / BOOTS - River Island (sold out)

Oh is it those boots again? I'm not even sorry for the over exposure I have given these boots in my recent OOTD posts - I just love them. I showed my dear gran them though and she did inquire if they are meant to have a huge hole in them, I don't think they were to her taste! 

RINGS (left - right) - vintage, Topshop, market stall, Kukee, Topshop / NAILS - Collection 'Hula Hoop' / CHOKER - Matalan

I'm not sure about this nail colour yet, it is really pretty but I think it might be a bit too 'Barbie' for me but I will say for £1.99 it is a really good quality polish!

As always I hope you are all very well and to stay up to date with all my posts don't forget to follow me on bloglovin here! The lyrics in the post title are from the Arctic Monkeys' song The Jeweller's Hands


  1. Love this outfit, the feminine and edgy contrast is just awesome! x

  2. Such a pretty dress! Looks great with the leather jacket and am loving your rings x

  3. Perfect outfit! love everything about it<3

  4. Woahh you look AWESOME! I wish I was as pretty as you! Your dress is gorgeous & perfect for the weather the uk has got now 9awkward cold-but-still-sunny weather haha). I like your bracelets and your nails are also very pretty! hehe...I love it all :')



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